The “original Pegasus Bridge” now in the Memorial Pegasus Museum

Day 1
  • Travel, settle into the hotel, explanation of plans
Day 2 Morning (First Full Day)
  • The capture of the Caen Canal bridge (Pegasus Bridge) and that of the River Orne (Horsa Bridge)
  • The expansion of the Coup de Main perimeter into Benouville by the 7th Parachute Battalion and its actions in the defence of the village during D-Day
  • The arrival from Sword Beach of the Commandos of Lord Lovat’s 1st Special Service Brigade, and also the Seaborne Engineers
  • An integrated visit to the atmospheric Cafe Gondree
  • An integrated visit to the fabulous Memorial Pegasus Museum
Day 2 Afternoon (First Full Day)
  • The Ranville DZ/LZ ‘N’, detailing the arrival of the Pathfinders of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company, the arrival of the main drop of the 7th, 12th and 13th Parachute Battalions, the Divisional reinforcements by glider, and also the lead into the following day’s visit that explains the blowing of the Troarn Bridge
  • Le bas de Ranville, the area of the Divisional Headquarters and also the Main Dressing Station of 225 (Para) Field Ambulance

  • Ranville Chateau and the explanation of the German armoured attack on the morning of D-Day
Day 3 Morning (Second Full Day)
  • The Dropping Zone ‘V’ at Varaville: Actions of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company and the Advance parties; the Main Drop on ‘V’; The Canadian capture of the Varaville Strongpoint; 9th Parachute Battalion Assembly and move towards Merville
  • The arrival of Brigadier Hill and setting off of this group for Merville
  • Gonneville:  The bombing of Brigadier Hill’s group
  • The actions of the 9th Parachute Battalion Advance parties, the arrival of the Battalion and the move towards the Merville Battery
  • Visit to the Merville Battery
  • Placing of the bangalores; the Assault; Gliders; The blowing of the gaps; Actions on casemates; Aftermath;

Day 3 Afternoon (Second Full Day)
  • Calvary Cross:  Arrival of the remnants of the battalion; Haras de Retz; Heading off to Amfreville. Evacuation of the wounded from the Hara de Retz

  • Amfreville:  The 9th Parachute Battalion’s arrival in Amfreville. Arrival of the Commandos. 3 Troop, 3 Commando’s  liberation of the village

  • Bois des Monts: Explain of the Chateau St Come battle
  • Le Mesnil Crossroads – 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion actions. (also potentially  a visit to Brigade HQ/224 (Para) Field Ambulance buildings)
  • The Triangle (Road Junction): Importance of the Triangle. Explanation of the events on DZ ‘K’. 22 IPC; 8th Battalion; Reminder of events on DZ ‘N’. 3rd Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers’ demolition of the Bures bridges
  • Troarn Bridge:  The events during the journey and the initial cutting of the bridge.  The second attack during the afternoon
  • Ranville Churchyard/Cemetery – Visiting the graves of many that have been spoken about over the previous three days
Day 4
  • Travel home; Films, discussion