Army Group 1944 Battlefield Tours would like to hear from you if you are interested in visiting the 1944 Normandy battlefields. In particular, if as a family group you may have had a Normandy veteran, who served in 1944 and would like to visit the places they saw their active service. If they paid the ultimate sacrifice in the breakout battles we can (with prior research) take you through the areas their Unit would have fought and to the point of the action when they may have been wounded or KIA.

The Tours would appeal to many WW2 re-enactors and all those interested in the Normandy battles, WW2 enthusiasts who have read the campaign histories, the graphic personal accounts and have always wanted to visit the famous places where these events took place.

Overseas customers can be met in France with prior arrangement at a suitable pick up point.

Tour Group sizes are deliberately kept to smaller numbers to make the historical experience more significant and as an act of Remembrance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are the tours? How much do they cost? Is the deposit refundable?

    The Normandy 6th Airborne Divisional Tours are planned to be four days in length, either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday, if required

    Costs of the Tour with Neil Barber start from £599 per person – subject to the numbers in the group. Single Room supplement is available, indicate this in your booking e-mail

    The £50 deposit is refundable subject to the terms of conditions for the Tour arrangements. A cut-off date for attending the Tour will be advised to participants at time of booking

    What does the 6th Airborne tour include?

    The 6th Airborne Tour includes – pick up by vehicle from Ashford International Railway Station Terminal Concourse, passage to France by best available route, Eurotunnel or Ferry. Drive to Caen on day one. Neil Barber(Author & Historian) with John Redfern( WW2 Normandy guide) will give historical WW2 background information to the assault , which is presented during this journey/day to set the scene and battle picture for the night of 6th June 1944.

    Included in the price are three breakfasts and rooms at a suitable hotel.

    Day two and three is the main part of the Tour – Neil Barber shares his significant knowledge of the 6th Airborne Division actions on D- Day up to the tough fighting around Chateau St Come – where the Germans counterattacked in force for many days in June 1944 to turn the Invasion flank from East to West and potentially throw the Allies back into the sea.

    Day Four – is the return journey to Calais , with visit to Cite De Europe for shopping, if crossing times allow.

    What's unique about the 6th Airborne tour?

    As this Tour focusses on the 6th Airborne Divisional actions on D-Day and the following 10 days in June 1944 – it is a specialist tour on this subject – Neil Barber shares the benefit of his 30 years of research, talking to those Veterans who survived the War and who keenly used to attend the annual pilgrimage on the 6th June and the many Reunions in London and elsewhere. He had long discussions with Major John Howard at Pegasus Bridge and with Lt Col Terence Otway at the Merville Battery and with the many other veterans who took part.

    This Tour is not about visiting the D-Day beaches and the amphibious actions of the invasion across the whole lodgement.

    It will appeal to those who have always wanted to visit the location of these famous Airborne actions, often mentioned about in D-Day history books but with little detail really focussed on the 6th Airborne Division.

    With Neil Barber he will speak from his personal experiences from meeting the men who took part, his interviews with them and his outstanding books “ The Day The Devils Dropped IN” and the Pegasus and Orne Bridges , their Capture, Defence and Relief on D-day – “This is their Story – Keep the Legend Alive”