Since the Second World War it has been part of British Army Training Doctrine to carry out Battlefield studies of the conflicts of the past, in order to enlighten both soldiers and officers of the hard lessons learnt in battle.

Historical study of battles and campaigns has produced thousands of books and millions of words on the subject of military history. The subject matter of the World Wars is rarely off our TV screens, in DVDs or re-enacted at venues up and down the country throughout the summer.   This continued interest in the Great War (WW1) and the Second World War (WW2) fascinates new generations and opens the opportunity to guide interested enthusiasts to the sites of the battles themselves.

“There is no substitute for fully understanding a battle or campaign than to walk the ground.”

This is a sound military principle “to understand the terrain that a military commander might choose to fight his battle on”. In France 1944 the Germans had had 4 years to prepare their defence of the Atlantic Wall and the subsequent counter offensive actions should the Allies be successful in achieving a successful invasion beach landing.

In our Normandy tours we aim to bring a more detailed approach to the tactical operations that our forefathers carried out in the name of freedom and ultimate victory. In Normandy pitted against a well organised and battle hardened enemy the Allies fought hard to achieve the long awaited breakout.

We start this process with author Neil Barber presenting our unique Airborne tour, based on his books and 30 years of interviewing WW2 members of the 6th Airborne Division:

The 6th Airborne Division in Normandy 1944

“The Day the Devils Dropped In” Battlefield Tour”